SPC Services

SPC always work diligently and consistently ful filling our commitment to provide the best Bali cargo and shipping service. We have dozen years experiences which make us more mature and understand you shipping needs.

We are sur ethat you ar elooking for a cargo companycan really be trust worthy and reliable. That is why we continually strive to developour self to always be able to provide prompt, professional and satisfactory services.

For us, workingin thefield of cargo and shipping hasits own challenges. That is why we always treateach item with care and every movewith full responsibility.

To fully understand the procedures of your shipping, you can contact or visit our office or our marketing can meet you at your place. They will explain you the mode of transportation that appropriate. They also can assist you to check the volume of merchandise you’ve purchased to every supplier. So you will have an idea for shopping.

Air freight

In general, air freight is more expensive than sea freight, but however, this could be the right choice when considering the delivery of essential items that require speed and also the delivery of goods which relatively small volume or weight. Because the air freight is the fastest way to send the shipment either in door-to-airport or door to door.

We work with several major airlines to serve the air freight shipment that can reach the various airports on five continents. Besides, we also cooperate with international courier service for your door to door delivery.

Full Container Load (FCL) shipments

FCL is Sea freight solution that is safe and effective to send your large quantity shipment (breakbulk). There are 3 sizes of containers which commonly used for FCL shipments. They are 20ft, 40ft, and 40`hc. You can select the type/size of the container in accordance with the type and volume of your goods.

When export standard packing had been finished, your goods will be loaded into the steel container a tour warehouse or at your location if access is possible, which will carry your goods only. After stuffing/loading finished, the container will be closed and fumigated according to the standard provisions of your country and then returned to the port to meet the fastest vessel to your destination country.

We serve FCL shipment to various major ports and inland ports all over the world on five continents at a very competitive rate. Besides, we also able to do local handling charges only until the loading port of Surabaya (F.O.B Shipment).

Click here to find more information about container specification. (link to useful info)

Less than container load (LCL) shipments

LCL is sea freight based on the volume/cubic meter(M3), You can use this method of shipping gif the FCL would not be cost-effective. Because LCL is commonly used for shipping the items which are relatively smaller volume than the FCL.
Your item will be packed into a purpose-built wooden shipping case/crate/ boxes at our warehouse. Then loaded into the container combined with the other shipment towards your final destination.

Pick up / collection

Supported by our pickup trucks and small pick up cars, we can collect all of your goods anywhere you purchase them in Bali. Protection is highly concerned to keep the goods in perfect condition while loading at the supplier until the unloading process at our warehouse.


For years we have always improved the quality of packing. Our trained personnel who had also experienced a dozen years in the field. Various methods we applied to get the best quality of packing for safe and secure delivery of goods from the start to finish.
Packing is our biggest concern and we apply the SUPER packing for your goods. Super protection for your cargo safety.

Coding / Marking

We have a unique coding system for each type of goods ranging from pick-up your shipment from the supplier, pack and store in our warehouse to identify the owner and origin of the goods later in the input on the Packing List. Customers will easily find and match the codes contained in the packaging of goods when unloading or dismantling the goods at the consignee`s premises.


Choosing the best place to store your merchandise is so important. Our extensive warehouse facilities with a total of 2900 m2 spread over three strategic location and easy access make us confident to give you a dry storage area, clean and secure environments with security monitoring 24 hours.

Our warehouse is as height as the container chassis, so it will significantly minimize the manual lift on/off which will minimize the damage during handling. Besides, our trained personnel will store your merchandise per block based on the capacity of the container, so we have a visual idea and to estimate the volume of your goods if sufficient, less or more.

Stored merchandise has its own code listed on the Packing List. This data will be cross-checked during stuffing/loading to make sure no items are left behind or mixed with other goods in the warehouse because each customer would have prepared specific blocks to store their belongings.

If the container is not enough to ship all your merchandise, SPC can store the remaining items at our warehouse until the next dispatch for free. Your merchandise in your possession and SPC will always treat them with care and respect.

Our warehouse Location :

NO Detail Address Wide Function
1 SPC Kantor Pusat dan Gudang Jl. By Pass NgurahRai 480x Sanur 600 sm LCL, AF, Domestik
2 SPC Gudang1 Jl. By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra 27x Ketewel, Gianyar(10 min from Sanur) 2100 sm FCL
3 SPC Gudang 2 Jl. By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra 27x Ketewel, Gianyar (10 min from Sanur) 200 sm Storing Remaining Items

Handling / stuffing

We have experiences for many years in how to handle the goods with care especially the safety while stuffing/loading the container. Ordering the position of goods in the container is also a very significant role that may affect the condition of the goods on arrival at the destination country. Especially fragile items. SPC has its own special stuffing/loading team in arranging the composition of goods within the container in a safe position but still maximizing the use of space within the container. Thus, a fixed container filled with goods safe position.

Customs Brokerage & Documentation

We will arrange for export customs clearance at the port of loading in Surabaya or Bali`s NgurahRai International airport to ensure that the shipment departs from Indonesia legally. We will also provide full documentation that is required to clear the customs at the destination. The set of export documents will be delivered directly to your address in advance before the shipment arrive.


SPC offers comprehensive insurance for your move. Insuring your shipment is highly recommended as your goods may transport through different climates across the world.